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The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) wishes all Malaysians a joyous and meaningful National Day!

At 52 years of age, the nation is old and experienced enough to conduct itself with maturity yet young and strong enough to seek improvement and fulfill its destiny for the benefit of all its people.

A mature Malaysia must recognise and be thankful for its strengths and its achievements  while at the same time be constructively and constantly critical of any misplaced thinking or action, face reality, own up to its problems, admit its mistakes so that it can seize the opportunities to thrive in an intensely competitive world.

We remind our political leaders on both sides of the parliamentary divide to conduct themselves with equanimity, dignity and honour, to subscribe to and hold on to the principles of integrity, fairness and justice so that they can have the respect and support of the people.

The destiny of our nation is in the hands of all its people. The nation succeeds only when its people can unite, respect one another, cooperate and behave responsibly.

We the people must take responsibility for the good of the nation. Together we stand. Together we labour. Together we shall prevail and progress.

The religious communities within MCCBCHST are in prayer for our nation at this stage of the nation’s history. Let there be unity. Let there be peace. Let there be justice. Let there be progress.

MCCBCHST, August 29 2009

Rev. Dr Thomas Philips, President


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MCCBCHST (Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism & Taoism) calls on all concerned to be calm and reasonable so that the authorities and the parties concerned will be able to find a peaceable agreement and understanding regarding the protest staged by some residents of Section 22 in Shah Alam, Selangor against the construction of a Hindu Temple in the vicinity.

Nothing can be gained by provocative action on the part of any side.

MCCBCHST regrets that a severed cow’s head was brought along in the demonstration. The cow is sacred to the Hindu religion.

MCCBCHST urges that unhappy residents will give the religious authorities of both sides a chance to discuss matters  with the state authorities so that an amicable solution can be arrived at.

Religious issues are best resolved around the negotiation table where mutual respect can be shown to all. No further demonstration by any side should be contemplated or allowed.

Peace and order should be maintained for the sake of all residents.

MCCBCHST, August 28, 2009

Rev. Dr Thomas Philips, President

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