Many Faiths, One Nation: our vision for Malaysia


The Emergency Meeting of the MCCBCHST Executive Committee held on 12 April 2010 wishes to register our displeasure and disappointment at the recent remarks of the Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin referring to the status and members of the recently established Committee on Promoting Interfaith Understanding and Harmony under the Department of Unity and National Integration as “small fry” as quoted in Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider dated 12 April 2010.

It is unbecoming of a Minister more so the Deputy Prime Minister in the government to look down on leaders of the other religious communities in the country.

The various religious representatives of the MCCBCHST are committed to sincere and frank dialogue between different faiths as equals at the table.

It would be difficult to proceed with the stated goals of the Committee on Promoting Interfaith Understanding and Harmony if this matter is not clarified.

We hope the Minister responsible for the Unity and National Integration will clarify this matter so that the work that the Committee has set before itself can proceed with credibility.

Rev. Dr. Thomas Philips

MCCBCHST President


April 12, 2010 - Posted by | Public Statements

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