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MCCBCHST: DR. HASAN ALI’S Statement has tendency to incite and create religious tensions

Media Statement – 29 February 2012

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) supports the statement by Bishop Dr. Paul Tan Chee Ing and other Christian leaders that Dr. Hasan’s recent statements have the tendency to incite and create religious tensions.

The MCCBCHST is disturbed at the numerous statements made by Dr. Hasan Ali accusing Christian missionaries of trying to proselytise Muslims but has not shown any proof to date and his statements at best amount to innuendous and insinuations. His latest statement is similar, where he accuses Christian missionaries of donning Muslim robes and going into mosques to pray with Muslims in order to convert them.

There are more than enough criminal laws in the country to charge persons who try to proselytise Muslims and Dr. Hasan should have lodged a police report and provided proof. Without proof, it appears to be far fetched that people will go into mosques to convert Muslims. On the contrary, it could be argued that such people were taken to mosque in order to convert them to the Muslim faith.

Dr. Hasan Ali should also identify the 51 Muslims apostates and make them available to the public to allay accusations that they may be set-up.

The total silence by the Government to rein in Dr. Hasan and to investigate him for Sedition as his statements can create ill feelings towards the Christians, can in the minds of the people create a suspicion that Government is complicit with it. Our leaders have been propounding moderation both locally and internationally yet inflammatory remarks by persons such as Dr. Hasan are left unchecked.

Dr. Hasan Ali is a politician. His constant rhetoric against the Christians appears to show that there is a hidden agenda behind it. Otherwise he just has to lodge a police report for the matter to be investigated and the guilty party (if any) punished.

Finally, MCCBCHST call on all to be responsible in thought, speech and action to give true meaning to the extended month long commemoration in Malaysia of the United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week.

Daozhang Tan Hoe Chieow, AMS – President
Sardar Jagir Singh – Deputy President
Venerable Sing Kan – Vice President
Reverend Dr. Thomas Philips – Vice President
Mr. RS. Mohan Shan, JMW,AMK,BKM,PJK – Vice President
Mr. Prematilaka KD Serisena – Hon. Secretary General


February 29, 2012 - Posted by | Public Statements

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